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A New Approach To Well-Being

Marc can give you the advices you need to resolve any adverse situations you encounter.
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Well-being is about being comfortable in your own skin, at peace with yourself and the world. Live life in the present moment and make the most of your situation at this stage of your life.
Marc Chastain

Helping You Achieve A State Of Unsuspected Well-Being

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello To The NEW YOU!

Be able to accept and love yourself unconditionally, exactly as you are, with all your imperfections

Be able to forgive others and yourself

Be grateful for all the good things in your life

Be able to accept your own faults, flaws and mistakes by understanding that nobody is perfect

Face adversity, remain positive and open to the future

Appreciate the wonders of nature and the simple pleasures of life

And above everything, live your life for real, and live it as a unique human being with a destiny to accomplish.

They gave Marc their trust

I am so grateful for you & truly believe you are an angel sent to me. Thank you for your precious help Marc.

Karrie H.

I can’t really express how I am feeling now. I need to get my head around it. My life is finally at a turning point.

Edita H.

Marc, thank you so much for your reading. I really enjoyed it and look forward to future correspondence.

Ana L.

Dearest Marc, thank you so much for this letter it means so much and is spot on I cried as I read. Thank you for helping me because nothing else is working.

Brittany C.

Thank you so much for your friendship and all of your invaluable support. I appreciate you and I am so blessed to know you!

Tami K.

You told me to “get gardening”, so I did. […] Last year about this time my husband lost his diamond ring and couldn’t remember where he had been so I didn’t know where to look for it. […] I found the ring today in a handful of pea gravel and weed confirming that without your support I’d never make it.

Barbara J.

Testimonials are collected from real customers. Images are models for illustration purposes and to protect the privacy of customers.

The new book of Marc Chastain

Practicing the M.O.N.


The Power of Now has helped thousands of people out of the prison of their negative thoughts and live more serenely. Marc offers basic meditation exercises that will help you not to fall in automatic patterns of suffering, fears, and judgments.


Using direct observation must be wary of the pitfalls of ordinary perception. Marc outlines the principles and modalities of the two roads that are as contradictory: an observation footprint model of exact sciences of XIXE century observation that seeks to take into account the experience of the observer.


Nutrition has a direct impact on the well-being and that Marc has understood for years. In this book he invites you to discover his latest knowledge of nutrition and explains them in a clear and concise style. It helps you understand your metabolism, manage your health and control your weight.

Available summer 2021.

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