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Throat Chakra: Communication

Posted by Marc Chastain

January 12, 2021

The throat chakra is the fifth chakra in the human body. It is called Vishuddhi in Sanskrit and is associated with the communication. As with the heart chakra, this chakra is also related to non-physical aspects of life. This is because it is associated with ideas, thoughts, and truth that are intangible in nature. As for its physical location, it is located at the center of your throat.


As you can probably tell, this chakra plays a critical role in your ability to express yourself. In fact, it acts as a bridge for energy to flow between your brain and the lower parts of the body. In a world that worships ideas, it is vital to keep this chakra activated and balanced.

What It Governs

When it comes to the physical body, the throat chakra governs your voice, throat, teeth, gums, thyroid, and mouth. Therefore, if your throat chakra is blocked, you may experience physical issues and disorders in and around your mouth.

This chakra also governs your ability to communicate verbally. The way you speak, share your thoughts and emotions and express your innermost desires are all influenced by the throat chakra. So, any blockage in this chakra can manifest in miscommunication, gossips, the inability to express yourself clearly, and so on. You may also become quiet, scared, or an introverted person.

Characteristics of The Throat Chakra

This chakra is usually represented with the color blue that symbolizes intelligence and responsibility. And much like the blue ocean water, this color also signifies depth and power. It is often depicted with a diagram of sixteen petals that surround a circle containing a crescent. The mantra that is linked to this chakra is “Ham”, which means “I speak”.

The throat chakra is associated with the element of sound. And as we know, sound is the basis of creation itself. This makes the throat chakra an incredibly important one. The vibration of this chakra can be felt throughout the body. That’s why the mantras that are meant to heal your body are often concentrated in the throat.

Also, the throat chakra stands for your inner voice. The voice that guides your decisions and actions. If this chakra is functioning well, you can not only be the speaker of truth but you can also strengthen your inner voice to make better decisions in life.

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